CrazyClay™ the unique clay

With the CrazyClay Gummy clay you can shape the best things. Then simply bake in the oven and the work of art will be preserved in a rubber-like form.

Variety is provided, 4 different CrazyClay Gummy Kneaders are ready for the start:

CrazyClay Gummy
The classic model is available in different colours as basic sets or in 28 individual colours.

CrazyClay Gummy Glow Clay
It stores the daylight and with the three enclosed cutters it is easy to create a beautiful night sky whose stars glow for the window in the dark.

CrazyClay Gummy Laser Clay
Can be painted with e. g. smileys and monster fringes and can be described with names.

CrazyClay Gummy Thermo Clay
Like a chameleon, this dough changes colors. At 22 degrees Celsius, the miscible thermal colours of the clay change even after baking – e. g. as toys in the bathtub.


A further kneading highlight, this airy and light CrazyClay marshmallow clay based on PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) with a fluffy white base clay and five colour droplets offers great colour variations.

The air-drying raw material alone feels great and is tempting to knead. The colour concentrates can be mixed with the dough as well as with each other. This produces a rainbow full of colours.

Mixing the colors with the plasticine only lightly creates marble effects. However, CrazyClay Marshmallow is not suitable for the oven, but it retains its shape after drying out in the air.



All varieties of CrazyClay clay gummy and marshmallow contain antibacterial ingredients that prevent the proliferation of germs. The plasticine is absolutely non-toxic and meets all the requirements of the EU Toys Directive (EN71) and all relevant international safety directives.